A list of Sydney Cardiologists with ordinary email addresses

There’s so much research that modern communication technology enables when it comes to deciding who might be the best specialist or specialists to see when we have health and well-being problems, but we ourselves don’t start doing any other research until it’s been established that any one we might be thinking of consulting and/or using, (a) has an ordinary email address, and, (b) provides reasonable responses to reasonable emails sent to them – there are SO many advantages to dealing with people like this.

So how do we find out if a specialist is like this? – we simply send them a letter by email if they have an ordinary email address readily available.

The letter we send is along these lines – “I’ve been suffering with problems/symptoms blah bah blah, blah bah blah. Is helping people with these problems/symptoms within your areas of expertise? If not, is there anyone else you may be able to suggest?”

Because gathering the email addresses can be easily the most time consuming part of this, we’ve started putting together lists of these for our own benefit and the benefit of our readers – we find that once we’ve drafted the letter we want to send, and we have one of these lists available, we can send out more than 20 emails in less than an hour, if we want to send out that many.

In the past when we’ve started doing this sort of thing, we’ve felt that it would be helpful to our readers for us to email out “test” letters, and to report on how we got on to perhaps save them some time in sending out emails to those who hadn’t responded – but we are not going to do this in the future

We’ve come to feel that any information that is gathered in this way can soon be out of date – a doctor may not respond to such a letter on one day, yet a month later they will.

And we’ve come to feel that adding to the number of lists that just provide ordinary email addresses is more important than doing this – things might change if ever we get to the point where we feel that there may be no more lists to be created, by us or others, but at present this seems a very long way away.

To go to our list of the Sydney Cardiologists we’ve found with ordinary email addresses – use this link.

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