Alfred Cardiology – a cardiology practice

To us we should aim to only deal with people who (1) have a basic website providing basic information about them that works and who (2)  have an ordinary email address which if it is used to send reasonable emails to result in some sort of reasonable response – any body, but particularly doctors we are thinking of consulting and/or using.

To us, people who don’t have these two things, particularly the second, may as well have a sign up somewhere in big red letters saying, “We will not be held accountable for anything we do or say,” and you are stark raving mad to use them if there are any better options available, which, unfortunately is not always the case.

The people at Alfred Cardiology have a website, but it doesn’t work! We emailed them about this last December and haven’t heard from them – they don’t care!

And we have sent three emails to one of their doctors, Dr Patrick Groenestein, in the last two years – he answered our first one but he didn’t even acknowledge the last two. Obviously the management at Alfred Cardiology have decided they can get away with ignoring emails. Some medical practices are becoming more responsive to emails and some less – obviously Alfred Cardiology is one of the latter.

Their website says:-

COPY Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.03.01 am copy

Marketing people ALWAYS say that sort of thing – they don’t care either.

You have been warned – in our experience you may end up dealing with one of the worst doctors you’ve ever come across.

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