CrowdMed – an exciting discovery?

We’ve got not the slightest doubt that in the near future, if we have symptoms that are other than completely straight forward, we’ll turn to organisations like CrowdMed first to provide an accurate diagnosis of what we have rather than to a doctor or doctors – and perhaps we’ve reached that point already.

We couldn’t agree more with this extract from an article on them.

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We’ve looked into CrowdMed to a certain extent – use this link to go to our summary page.

But we intend to investigate them really thoroughly and add to this summary page as time allows.

We don’t yet know what their fees might be – which may or may not be an issue.

To us CrowdMed is a really exciting discovery. And what’s more, we’re sure lots of other CrowdMeds will appear on the internet as time goes by.

What do our readers think?

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