Doctor warns against private health insurance for elderly patients

We recently came across this transcript of an ABC radio broadcast – it was broadcast back in 2004 but we are writing about it because it could be still be highly relevant to lots of people in 2016.

On the face of it, the broadcast was about private health insurance, but it wasn’t about that at all – it was about private hospitals, about which some extraordinary things are said, particularly by a Dr Peter Hunter, then of the Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine.

This is an example:-

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The argument seems to be that it’s no use having private health insurance if you’re elderly, because private hospital’s are not going to admit you if they feel they won’t be able to make “a quid” out of admitting you, so the private health organisations won’t have anything to reimburse you for. In other words, at a certain point as you grow older, there’s no point in paying for private health insurance.

Feedback would be appreciated.

To view this 17 Sep 2004 article and other information articles, useĀ this link.

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