Dr Andrew James Brooks – Sydney Urologist 6

When a complaint was made to the NSW Privacy Commissioner, Elizabeth Coombs, that Dr Andrew Brooks had ignored about 5 letters emailed to him by a former patient requesting copies of his health records and information to which he was entitled by law, Brooks made a complete and utter fool of himself by denying that he’d got the requests!!! – saying that the email address shown on his website didn’t work as it might be assumed by patients as it was set up so that it detected emails from patients and screened them out so he didn’t get them. (Of course no warning of this anywhere.)

Of course Brooks is always telling lies and this was another one – what he claimed isn’t technically possible, and he had responded to at least one letter emailed to him by a patient so he’d obviously received it.

And now, to complete the picture, the email address that used to be on his website is no longer there!!!!

If the former patient concerned, had emailed him a letter after his first consultation along the lines of – “In my consultation today I understood you to advise, (1) that my frequency problem arose from the fact that my bladder now only had a capacity of 200 mls, (2) a TURP operation would fix this, and (3) TURP operations have no possible detrimental side effects of which you should be warned. Have I got this right?” (Something we strongly recommend,) Brooks wouldn’t have known what to do because everything he’d told him was a lie.

No wonder he has and is making it as difficult as possible for patients and prospective patients to send him letters. A doctor with no ordinary email address, no email form, just a fax number – and no doubt this will be taken down when he realises that it’s now possible to send emails to fax numbers???

No thank you!

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