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For a while four or five years ago we were quite enthusiastic about the usefulness of the RateMDs.com website, the website of an organisation based in Toronto, Canada, (which we have no interest in or control over,) which enabled people all around the world to provide ratings on health professionals. But then we started to find that it seemed that, often some of the very worst doctors had some of the very best ratings – these doctors seemed to be able to counter any adverse ratings with lots of ratings claiming they were amongst the very best doctors in the history of Christendom!

Also, the RateMDs we were initially dealing with was taken over, and it’s new owners seemed to have a lot of different philosophies which resulted in the website being less useful and much more difficult to use. As a result we have hardly looked at it’s website in recent years.

However, if you Google “Dr Bryan Pang” the second result is this. And we would have thought that if you looked at the ratings on him you would HAVE to think long and hard about having anything to do with him – some of the ratings are as bad as we’ve seen.

It is claimed that Dr Pang is “the Founder and Medical Director of Sydney Dermatology Group and it’s three locations,” and we would have thought that the ratings on Dr Pang on the RateMDs website, and, in fact, all over the place, would be enough for you to want to avoid the whole Sydney Dermatology Group like the plague.

If Dr Pang had an ordinary email address, we would take some of these matters up with him, but we don’t seem to be able to find one for him.

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