Dr Clare Koh, Sydney Dermatologist

A Dr Clare Koh is shown as one of the dermatologists at Green Square Dermatology.

But we have been unable to find an entry for her on thc Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s website confirming that she is registered to practice medicine.

See this result.

We have just, on 2 May, 2019, sent her an email saying.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. You would think there are only 3 possibilities – either (1) we have been at fault in some way as we’ve sought to find an entry for her on AHPRA’S website, or (2) the person calling herself Dr Koh isn’t registered to practice medicine, or (3) AHPRA is at fault in some way.

One thing is certain – and that is that if AHPRA turns out to be at fault, they won’t take too kindly to this being brought to their attention.

We’ll keep you advised.

A 22 May 2019 update: Not even an acknowledgement of the above email yet – 20 days later. We’ve just sent a reminder email. It would seem that there’s no one at Green Square Dermatology who’s job it is to respond to such emails.

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