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Further to this post, we sent a letter by email to Dr David Hansen saying.

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So far, 9 days later, it’s receipt hasn’t even been acknowledged.

We have not the slightest doubt that there would be pressure on the Dr Hansens of this world not to publicise anything that might make your life and ours a bit easier – the medical profession, led by the Brian Owlers of this world, will fight tooth and nail to retain what has been in place for thousands of year, that patients like you and us should traipse from doctor to doctor, with virtually no help with information as to who’s good at what, (certainly none form the medical profession,) until we stumble across someone who may be able to help us, to keep the existing systems away from the benefits of modern technology – in this way more money goes to the medical profession.

If we hear from him, we’ll let you know.

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