GPs referring patients to “dud” specialists

One of our readers has complained to us that a Dr Ian Lee, GP, referred his partner to Dr Glenda Wood, Dermatologist, who turned out be one of the worst doctors you could ever imagine. Dr Wood has some of the worst ratings in the website we’ve seen.

Readers need to realise that there are lots of specialists out there who are waste of time waste of money doctors at least, they may even do you harm, who wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t that there are GPs who keep referring patients to them either because they are their mates, or they’re getting kickbacks, of they just don’t know – we’re not sure which is worst.

Occasionally Specialists are exposed as a “dud” because of how badly they have treated a patient, but we have never heard of a GP being exposed as a “dud” because he or she has referred a patient to a “dud” – yet it could be argued that the GP has been just as culpable as the Specialist. And of course it become a hundred times worse if they just keep doing it.

Dr Lee is a GP at the Maroubra Medical & Dental Centre a Primary Health Care Limited centre. We have just sent this centre a letter, using their email form, asking if Dr Lee is still referring patients to Dr Wood. Do we expect to get a reply? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

There must be some reason why Primary Health Care limited GPs keep doing it!

No wonder we keep saying that we health care services consumers have to use every trick in the book to look after ourselves.

P.S: We’re actually quite surprised that a Primary Health Care Limited centre has an email form – the staff and doctors at their centres have always been notorious for being uncontactable by email. The next question is whether anyone ever responds to anything emailed to them????

A 25 Jul 2016 update: It seems we were tricked by 1800 Bulk Bill into thinking that the Maroubra Medical & Dental Centre had an email form. It seems that 1800 Bulk Bill is just another of these sleazy organisations that are proliferating that NEVER have any new information although they give the impression that providing new information is what they are about. There is nothing to indicate that the Maroubra Medical & Dental Centre, being a Primary Health Care Limited centre, has a website, an ordinary email address, an email form, or, since the development of technology that enables fax numbers to be used to send and receive emails, a fax number.

More later.

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