Help for those having problems with crystal meth (ice.) 3

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve started putting together a list of those psychiatrists who are specialists in helping those having problems with ice.

(Of course there should be such lists for those having problems in any area of their health.)

Initially we’ve gone to the website of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and found a list of 113 psychiatrists within 100 kms of Sydney whose “Primary problem area” is described as “Alcohol and drug addiction” which is the best¬†“Primary problem area” we can locate for what we have in mind.

Our guess is that, in the end, we’ll only locate the names of 20-25 psychiatrists at best from this list whose¬†“Primary problem area” is helping those with problems with ice – it’s certainly looking this way in the early stages of what we’re trying to do.

To us this is so annoying, that those looking for 20-25 names should have to go through 113 names to find them!

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