Looking after your heart 2

We have just become aware of a relatively new medical procedure to treat those who may be developing arrhythmia, which would appear to be very significant.

How new we’re not sure, but one of our readers, a GP who retired about 2 years ago, admitted he’d never heard of it.

The patient while under a general anaesthetic for about 15 minutes is given electrical shock treatment – it doesn’t always work, but if it doesn’t, no harm done. It would appear to be the very first thing those who may be developing arrhythmia should try.

A very important aspect of this procedure would appear to be that delays in applying it lessen the chances of it working – so the sooner the better.

One of our readers has told us that after he had had a pacemaker/fibrillator put it, one of his mates who had had the same symptoms as he had had, had undergone this procedure, and had been cured completely!!

We will post more details as we find them out.

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