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If you go to the internet and find this on the first page of Google results:-

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you could be forgiven for thinking, “Well this looks promising – the Premier of NSW is “committed to establishing and open and accessible Government,”” when, if anything it appears that this is not the case at all, perhaps to an extent that can only be described as bizarre.

Firstly, he doesn’t have an ordinary email address – just an email form in which it almost appears that those who put it together were working on a brief to incorporate every trick in the book to make it difficult to send him any questions or comments.

Secondly, your full name, your full address, and your phone number are “Mandatory Fields.” What on earth have these got to do with most of the questions we’d like to ask or comments we’d like to make?

Thirdly, if you decide to comply with all the requirements made and overcome all the obstacles put in your way, you get an automated reply which says, “Oooo! we’re getting SO many emails! – please don’t expect a response for at least a month!”

And that’s before we ever know what sort of response we’re going to get , if we’re ever going to get one at all.


How much longer are the people going to put up with this sort of thing?

What have been the experiences of our readers?

(Please note: We’re trying not to get into politics, just seeking to locate any politicians who might provide help with what we’re about – dealing with the health and well-being professions. Not that we’ve found any yet.)

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