Modern Democracies and the people 2

In our experience, when you try and deal with most NSW politicians they just give you the runaround, they mainly play us for suckers. But then so do a lot of public servants. But there’s a difference – much as we’d like to sack the public servants, the head of AHPRA and so on, we can’t, but every 3 or 4 years or so we, the people, have the opportunity to appoint those to represent us who appear to have some interest in the matters that concern us and sack the rest.

A classic example of one of those if just give his constituents the runaround at best, and otherwise completely ignores them would be Geoff Lee the state member for Parramatta. We’ve sent him a number of emails raising various issues, and he’s not acknowledged one of them – never given the slightest indication that he has any interest in or concern about any of them.

YET, he’s been elected twice, the second time with an increased majority BY US the people!!! In other words, it’s all our fault. We’re appointing and reappointing someone to represent our interests who doesn’t appear to care about our interests in any way. He’s REALLY playing us for suckers. What does he do all day?

It’s over to us to us to get rid of the Geoff Lees and replace them with more responsive and helpful people.

We’d all live in a very different world if we the people only elected those who had a track record of displaying genuine interest in our concerns. At present it’s not happening????

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