“Patient and Family Experience Units” in NSW Government Hospitals

We’ve recently become aware of claims that the Royal North Shore government hospital has had a Patient and Family Experience unit, (previously named the “Patient Liaison Team,”) for 15 years, and further, that “All local health districts and specialty health networks in NSW provide a similar service to the Patient and Family Experience Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. They have dedicated positions responsible to responding to patient, family and carers’ feedback.” – see the email from Natasha Maclaren-Jones, the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, dated 21 Jan. 2020, shown below.

We think this could be important information for those having anything to do with NSW government hospitals.

However, we very much suspect that these claims could be more nonsense from Ms Maclaren-Jones!

We’ll soon know, as this has just, on 25 Jan. 202o, been emailed to Graeme Loy, the CEO of the Westmead Government hospital.

Our readers and our own experiences in attempting to deal with the Westmead Government Hospital in the past would indicate that it’s extremely unlikely that this email will even be acknowledged, let alone responded to. We’ll let you know what actually happens.

A Tue. 28 Jan. 2020 update: To our great surprise, following on the email we sent to the Westmead Government Hospital on Sat. 25 Jan. 2020, shown above, we have just received this.

We say, “to our great surprise,” because we would have sent up to 20 emails to various doctors in the Westmead Government hospital and to Graeme Loy, it’s CEO, including lots of complaints, and not at any stage have we been made aware before of a Patient and Liaison Service. It will be so interesting to see how those who use it’s ordinary email address – WSLHD-PALS-Mail@health.nsw.gov.au – get on.

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