Penrith Skin Cancer Foundation

This is from the front page of this clinic’s website¬†as at today, 17 Aug 2016

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Firstly, If you use this link you will be taken to a page on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission’s website, on which it is said that, on 21 Oct 2011 the Medical Professional Standards Committee found Dr Hanna “guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct” and “reprimanded” him AND that, as a consequence, the Committee would have imposed certain conditions on his registration, except for that the fact that these conditions were ALREADY IMPOSED ON HIS REGISTRATION AS A CONSEQUENCE OF SOMETHING PRIOR!!!???

Secondly, according to this article, on the first day that a 17 year old female receptionist started working at the Foundation, Dr Hanna sexually assaulted her, with the door to his office locked.

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Thirdly, if you do a Google search on “Dr Nadi Hanna,” on the first page of the results that come up, there’s a link to some ratings on him that wouldn’t encourage you to consult and/or use him, to say the least.

So often we complain that there’s not enough information out there on individual doctors and practices to enable us to make informed decisions on whether to consult and/or use them or not, but readers, with Dr Hanna and his foundation, there’s SO much information that if you consult and/or use them and things don’t work out, it could be said that it’s YOUR FAULT, not their’s if you’ve been too lazy to locate it and take it into consideration.

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