Phlegm in the throat treatment 1

One of our readers reports that he has recently had difficulty going to sleep at night because he has so much phlegm in his throat and he just can’t get rid of. He says that there seems to be two facets to this problem – firstly, that his body is producing so much phlegm, he’s never experienced so much before, and secondly, that once there’s phlegm in his throat, there seems to be no way he can get rid of it.

He spoke to his pharmacist and she recommended some cough liquid, but this hasn’t helped! And he sought the advice of his GP and she recommended an antibiotic, Amoxyclav AN 875/125, and this hasn’t helped!

Our guess is that he could speak to dozens of pharmacists and dozens of doctors, and while they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend things, none of them would work – as they say, “Often wrong but never in doubt.” But we intend to follow this up.

More later.

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