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For some time we’ve been expressing our belief that the secret to success in our work and personal lives is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts. And, although there’s a long way to go, the extent to which the developments in technology over, say, the last 25 years, have made this possible and is doing this, is, to us, nothing short of astonishing, particularly in relation to enabling us to surround ourselves with the best information in relation to health and wellbeing issues.

Being able to do Google searches to get the best information in the way that we can is a huge breakthrough. And we’ve recently become more aware of organisations, many of them huge, that claim to do a better job than just carrying out Google searches does.

The approach of these organisations, set out in this mission statement from the website of one of them is typical of their approach.


We have started putting together a list of these organisations – use this link to see how far we’ve got with this. We’ve been particularly impressed with the organisation called Search GMX, which you can try by going to it’s website,, and getting it to carry out a search on whatever you like, and the result may well work better for you and us than doing a normal Google search.

But to us, these organisations are amazingly lacking in user friendliness and don’t work nearly as well as they could. One of them says that if we use their email form to send them a question, they MAY do some work on it, if it’s chosen, and MAY produce an article on it, which MAY be available in due course!!!

We have a dream – that ordinary email addresses will come to exist that we can use to submit questions in relation to health and wellbeing issues to individuals and organisations, and (1) our emails will be acknowledged more or less immediately, (2) in due course, we will receive emails back letting us know whether they can provide help or not, (3) If they can’t, they’ll provide details of any other individuals or organisations who may be able to provide help if they can’t, and (4) otherwise they’ll provide us with the best information they know of.

Perhaps such ordinary email addresses already exist? If any are known to any of our readers, we’d be SO grateful if they’d provide us with details on them, for our own use, and to be passed on to other readers.

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