The drug ice epidemic 1

As we keep saying, in our view, the secret to success in any area of our lives is to surround ourselves with the BEST experts and the BEST information – with a very strong emphasis on “the BEST.” So many so called “experts” are mediocre, and so much information is mediocre.

From this it follows that the greatest thing that can be done for people with problems in any area is to help them locate the best experts and the best information in that area.

It raises the questions of what the Commonwealth Government might be doing to help people with issues with the drug ice – said in the media recently to be 160,000 Australians.

On 2 Apr 2016, we emailed a letter to the Commonwealth Minister for Health, Ms Sussan Ley, asking:-

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We’ll let you know if we get a reply.

To us it would be a matter of grave concern, if, as we suspect, they’re doing nothing.

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