The health care system in NSW/Australia 4

What do you do next if you’ve been taking the smart drug Modafinil for 3 or 4 years, a drug that has been described as the “crown prince of smart drugs,” for years, and you consult an $800 an hour heart specialist to get his opinion as you think there’s a possibility that it may be contributing to some heart problems you’ve been experiencing lately, and he tells you he’s never heard of Modafinil!!!!????

The answer, of course, is simple – you do more of the same, traipsing from doctor to doctor hoping that you will happen, by chance, to come across one who knows the answer to this question, as has been happening for thousands of years.

This, of course, is a million miles away from what developments in communication technology in the last 20 years or so have made possible. There could be someone somewhere in the world, it wouldn’t matter where, who was an absolute specialist in Modafinil, who knew everything there was to know about it, whose opinion you could seek.

But the medical profession is so comfortable with how it’s been for thousands of years that we can expect that they will fight developments like this tooth and nail.

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