The Medical Profession in NSW/Aus – dealing with 9

In an article on a removalist named Boyce, who kept collecting money from people to do work for them and then not turning up, is this paragraph:-

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We’re sure that more and more of us are going to feel this way.

One of the possibilities is that much sooner than we all might expect, those that don’t come over well online won’t be getting much business, or, putting it another way, (and we find this really exciting,) we are always only be going to be dealing with people and organisation who come over well online. This will apply to every aspect of our lives – no more and no less than in dealing with the medical profession.

How do people and organisations come over well online?

Firstly, by having at least a basic website providing basic details on who they are and what they’re about, in particular what they specialise in – at a cost of less than $3 a week!

Secondly, by having an ordinary email address.

Thirdly, by providing reasonable responses to emails sent to them.

You may have to do a bit of work to find people and organisations like this, you may have to send out 10-15 emails, but, in our opinion, if you find even one, you’re stark raving mad to think about dealing with any of the rest.

We’ve only learnt all this ourselves in the last 20 months, after one of we fell into the hands of a urologist who may be the worst doctor who’s ever existed, who should be in gaol, and who’s probably never responded in a reasonable way to a reasonable email from anyone in his whole life.

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