The Medical Profession in NSW/Australia – dealing with 21

A healthy newborn baby is killed in a NSW government by having poisonous gas pumped into his lungs.

The despicable NSW Minister for Health, Ms Jillian Skinner, claims that she has “kept quiet” about this at the request of the boy’s parents, when the boy’s parents say she’s lying!

The boy’s parents can’t claim any compensation through the courts because legislation prevents this – described by someone from NSW Health as an “unfortunate oversight” or words to this effect, when it is clear that it isn’t the result of an “unfortunate oversight” at all, it’s the result of legislation deliberately passed by the NSW Parliament!

We wish we had time to write this up in detail, but, readers, it’s all in recent press releases.

No wonder we’ve been told over and over again that Bangladesh, a quintessential third world country, has a much better health system than NSW.

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