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In our nearly 8 years of working on the subject of helping people find the best doctors and avoid seeing those who are not so good, we are yet to find a doctors’ professional organisation displaying the slightest interest in or concern for the welfare of their members’ patients.

A typical example would be the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand in general and it’s President Dr Mark Frydenberg in particular – use this link to see an email sent to him today.

All Dr Frydenberg has said in previous emails in response to complaints about Dr Andrew Brooks is that he’s “highly respected by his peers.”

Perhaps to Dr Frydenberg and his peers, Dr Brooks is one of their heroes!

Perhaps charging a patient $3,200 for treatment that takes less than an hour, is inappropriate, does no good, as was to be anticipated, and damages him for life is regarded by Dr Frydenberg and his peers, as “good business.”

It sure is a way to make “a quick quid.”

Perhaps that’s all Dr Frydenberg and his peers are interested in. It seems clear that that’s all Dr Brooks is interested in.

We have given Dr Brooks countless opportunities to tell his side of the story, but we haven’t heard back from him.

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