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If you think you may need a urologist, this post is for you.

To us, if a urologist has an ordinary email address readily available and provides reasonable responses to reasonable letters emailed to them, it indicates these four things about them, at least:-

  1. That they are into communication – some are not into communication when you’re sitting right in front of them!
  2. That they are prepared to allocate the resources necessary, of their time and/or the time of others, to respond to emails.
  3. That they recognise that reasonable responses to reasonable emails in certain circumstances are just part of the service reasonably expected of doctors these days.
  4. That they are prepared to be held accountable for what they do and say.

(The same applies, of course, to other doctors and other people and organisations.)

This rules lots of them out, because they don’t have ordinary email addresses. Some have email forms, but we don’t usually bother with them, because they don’t usually respond anyway.

So we strongly recommend to our readers that before they consider consulting and/or dealing with a urologist that they send them an email about something and see how they get on – in fact, we think it’s madness if they don’t, when, to all intents and purposes the medical profession in Australia is completely unregulated, with the people and organisations who are supposed to be regulating it, being, to all intents and purposes completely useless.

To make this easier for our readers, we are putting together a list of urologists with their email addresses – we find that once you have such a list available, you can send out emails every 2 or 3 minutes, once you’ve settled on the content of your email.

So far we have 29 on that list.

And we are also sending out emails ourselves and writing up how we’ve got on, as how we’ve got on may be some sort of guide to our readers as to who to bother with – but readers may still want to send out emails to them themselves, which may be a good idea.

We’re in the early stages of doing this – use this link to see where we’re up to.

Our experiences with this and on other similar occasions is that only about 1 in 10 provide you with replies that might make you think it’s a good idea to at least have an initial consultation with them – but we usually only need one doctor anyway, don’t we.

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