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We believe what we read once, and that is that, “What technology enables, happens.” And that the technology that has come into existence in the last 30 years or so enables an almost infinite number of new developments – none more so than something in which we’ve recently developed an intense interest, and that is that there will start to be people who earn a good living, (perhaps as much as doctors,) by being experts on what’s on the internet on everything, but particularly on health and welfare matters.

And we’ve also read recently that more goes up on the internet in 2 days in 2020 than went up in a whole year just a few years ago – and surely that’s going to increase and increase.

So these people will spend their time researching and researching what’s on the internet, and in providing clients with what we’re calling “the best information articles in the whole wide world” on various matters, (there only needs to be one on each matter for the whole world,) particularly health and welfare matters. Which will provide us, the people, with two alternatives – either, to carry out the research ourselves, which will always be open to us, or, to pay someone to carry out the research for us.

So why is it not happening? or if it is starting to happen, why is in not happening more quickly?

We believe the answer to this is simple – there’s not the demand there should be for such professionals, because we, the people, are too haphazard in looking after our health and welfare, we’re content to wait around in waiting rooms, to get advices verbally that are inadequate, to say the least, and never in writing, which makes it difficult to get second opinions, just as we and our forbears have been doing for thousands of years – which makes it difficult for anyone to make any money out of it.

We recognise that there are three types of help that doctors provide.

  • General information.
  • Diagnosis – being told what’s wrong with us. One of the saddest stories we’ve ever heard is that of a 26 year old who was, himself, a doctor, who admitted himself to the Westmead Government hospital with an illness, and after 48 hours, during which no one in the hospital could work out what was wrong with him, he was dead. We can’t help thinking that perhaps there may have been someone in the whole wide world who, in those 48 hours, could have been emailed with details of his symptoms who could have helped with the attempted diagnosing and treatment.
  • Surgery, injections and other things that only doctors can provide.

And that it’s mainly if providing general information that the new types of professionals we’re talking about can help.

One of our readers has told us that he has problems with phlegm in his throat when he’s trying to go to sleep both at night and even when he’s having a nap during the day – sometimes he can’t go to sleep until he’s cleared his throat up to 15 times. And so far he hasn’t been able to get any help with it. While he says that in some ways, it’s no big deal, he’d love to have access to the best information article in the whole wide world on this problem.

We anticipate putting many posts up on our blogs on this subject in the future, as we believe it’s inevitable that there will be more and more of the new professionals we’ve described – and, as we become aware of them, we’ll share the details with our readers.

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