Being on Low Dose Naltrexone 2

We’ve put up SO many posts on Low Dose Naltrexone over the last 18 months – do a search on “Low Dose Naltrexone” on this blog and 27 of them will come up on this blog alone!

Of course, our main points have been:-

  • That Low Dose Naltrexone is being talked about as perhaps the biggest medical breakthrough in the history of mankind, and, if not, certainly one of the big 5.
  • That while it’s said that it takes an average of 17 years for medical breakthroughs to become common practice, advising on and prescribing Low Dose Naltrexone may, for special reasons, NEVER become common practice.
  • We’ve sent out at least 50 emails to various medical specialists in Sydney, seeking to locate any that advise on and prescribe Low Dose Naltrexone, and are yet to locate even one.
  • This may be because there are huge vested interests – the big pharmaceutical companies and the private hospitals to name just two – who want there to be more sick people, not less.
  • That Low Dose naltrexone is almost ridiculously cheap, especially compared to lots of other medications.

And now, in just the last two days, our attention has been drawn to a website called on which there appears to be lots more valuable information, including a link to the website which has an ordinary email address – – which claims to be an organisation that offers to provide Low Dose Naltrexone in various packages WITHOUT involving doctors or pharmacies.

We’re really excited to find these websites, although, at this stage, there’s much more for us to explore and learn about them.

Incidentally, if you use this  link to help you find doctors in Australia who advise on and prescribe Low Dose Naltrexone, you’ll find that they’ve only found three – two in Queensland, in Caboolture and Morayfield, and one in New South Wales, in Milton, over 200 kms south Of Sydney, by road – which doesn’t surprise us at all.

As you will see, we’ve done lots of work on Low Dose Naltrexone, mainly because of the encouragement and with the help of one of our readers, who claims to have been on it for more than 16 months, and to have been helped with a number of health problems, (when of course, the main claims for it are that it prevents you from experiencing new health problems.)

We believe that, when it’s never even been even suggested, as far as we know, that Low Dose Naltrexone might cause any harm, that, for so many health problems, doctors should be suggesting to patients that they give Low Dose Naltrexone a go for two months. In terms of our reader’s experiences, if patients did this, it would be most surprising, if at the end of the two months, (which is going to cost them less than a hundred dollars,) if they didn’t feel they were experiencing enough health benefits to make it worthwhile continuing to be on it.

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