Cheaper medications? 1

According to Sky News, today, (22 May 2016,) the Federal election campaign has turned to “health.” One of the articles featured is “Labor promises cheaper medicine.”

One of our readers reports that pills that cost him over $20 each in Australia, when he goes through the normal process of getting a prescription from a doctor and going to a pharmacy, cost him $1 each when he buys them from India. And that he can get 200 mg pills of another medication from India for 66 cents, when 100 mg pills of the same medication cost $3.30 in Australia – and he finds the Indian pills better than the Australian ones!

And another reader says he knows of pills that cost $1,200 each in the US that you can get from India for $5.

Any of this likely to be mentioned in today’s electioneering? NOT LIKELY!

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