Doctors being ACCOUNTABLE 1

On 20 Mar. 2019, one of our readers claims to have sent the following in an email to Graeme Loy, Westmead Government Hospital’s CEO.

And that, on 26 Apr. 2019, 5 weeks and 2 days later, it hasn’t even been acknowledged.

Our reader further reports, that as well as Dr Thiagalingam giving him advice he’s sure was/is nonsense:-

(1) That he was running 2 hours late – he had to sit there for 2 hours waiting to see him.

(2) He drove in his car to the hospital to see the doctor and incurred a fine of $256 for parking in slightly the wrong way.

(3) The doctor has refused repeated requests to put his advices in writing.

(4) In any case, his advices could have been emailed to him in the first place – the face-to-face consultation took only 4 or 5 minutes.

But our main point is this – what a difference it would make if it was thought that Mr Loy might take 3 or 4 minutes to send an email to┬áDr Thiagalingam asking him if any of our readers claims had any substance, as an indication that he might care? But obviously Mr Loy doesn’t care. And if Brad Hazzard, the NSW Minister for Health did the same but he doesn’t care. And if the Shadow Minister for Health, Walt Secord, did the same, but he doesn’t care. And Ms Berejiklian doesn’t care.

Of course there’s always the possibility that Mr Loy has a brief to do a rotten stinking job so that the Government can save money as a consequence of the people of New South Wales learning to avoid Government hospitals and go to private hospitals instead.

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