Dr Andrew James Brooks – Sydney Urologist 1

Dr Andrew Brooks has the email address on his website set up so that emails from patients are detected as such and are blocked so he doesn’t receive them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s how concerned about and interested he is in any issues his patients might wish to email him about.

Nothing, of course, on his website warning of this.

Can you imagine anything more sleazy?

SO typical of Dr Brooks! Our guess is that he’s never responded to an email from a patient in his life. His specialty is 5-6 minute consultations with patients, for a $120 fee, in which what he tells them face-to-face is often totally different to what he reports back to their referring GPs.

When the attention of the present President of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, Dr Mark Frydenberg, was drawn to this, his only real response was, “A/Prof Brooks is a Past President of USANZ and is highly respected by his peers.”

Does this tell you all you’d ever want to know about those who run the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand and Dr Brooks’ peers? One would have thought so.

That Dr Brooks continues to practice as he does, is, in our view, a condemnation of our whole medical system. We believe he should be in gaol.

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