Dr Kevin Robert Wong GP

According to this article, Dr Wong, after a slight hiccough –┬áhe “was charged with 27 counts of sexual assault after police investigated allegations from 18 complainants – 17 patients AND a female staff ┬ámember” – is up and running as a doctor again, practicing as a GP at the Mcdowall Family Medical Centre in Brisbane, because all he’d done was stopped taking the medication he should have been taking for his schizophrenia which might have stopped him sexually assaulting people.

The Medical Board of Australia tried to stop this happening through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, but it’s deputy president Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said the Board was worrying unnecessarily because Dr Wong had promised not to let it happen again!! Whoopee!!! Dr Horneman-Wren even ordered the Medical Board to pay Dr Wong’s costs – how dare they try and stop this good man from being a doctor again!!!!!

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