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Almost by accident we came across this article today, which we found extremely interesting – particularly this paragraph.

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It raises the question of how many GPs and specialists are offering digital services in NSW already whereby people can received quality care through uninterrupted video- conferencing and other broadband-enabled delivery methods?

And it also raises a question we’ve been thinking about for a while – how much would people pay to get completely up-to-date guides to such GPs and specialists, how much they charge, how good they are, and how it all works. We’re so used to anything of this nature being free because the advertising revenue generated by them pays for people to work on them – but what if the advertising revenue for such guides is not enough.

Governments are no going to develop them. Doctors are not going to develop them. What if they are not going to be developed unless people are prepared to pay for them? and if they were, how would this work?

But perhaps such guides are already available at no cost. We’ll try and find out.

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