Health care services administrators in NSW/Australia – dealing with 2

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An amazing paragraph from this amazing article:-

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Imagine how we’d get on if we wanted to know beforehand whether a doctor we were about to consult was one of those 47, and we wrote to the administration people in the place where they worked asking – we’d guess, not too well.

Suppose we wrote to the Cabrini hospital asking whether any of the 47 was working there now, like Dr Andrew Churchyard had worked for 7 months???

We believe that prospective patients are entitled to information like this – it’s up to their judgment after they’ve got it. It’s up to them – “Do I want to consult a doctor who is officially required to always have second person in the room when they are seeing patients to try and stop him or here from carrying out sexual assaults?”

Perhaps AHPRA or some similar official organisation has a list of these 47 available for the assistance of prospective patients?????

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