Help for those having problems with crystal meth (ice.) 2

We’ve started putting together a list of psychiatrists who specialise in helping those having problems with ice – something which, of course, governments should be doing or perhaps organisations like the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, certainly not us, as our resources are so limited.

Perhaps such a list or lists already exist, which some of our readers know about – if so, we would be grateful if they could pass the details on to us so we could pass them on to all our readers.

TheĀ Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, has such a list on it’s website, which, as we would have expected, doesn’t appear to be working at present, and, in any case, is completely and utterly useless for reasons we don’t have the time to write up right now.

As we’ve previously indicated, we believe the Malcolm Turnbulls and the Mike Bairds of this world should go to gaol if they don’t handle the extremely serious growing threat of the ice epidemic properly.

What needs to be done is simple – set up a website which, (1) provides access to a list of the psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals who specialise in providing help to those with ice problems, and (2) gives details of an ordinary email address to which questions about ice can be addressed and the best answers in the world got within 24 hours at the most. (And of course, come down like a ton of bricks on dealers.)

At present, if you email Sussan Ley, the Commonwealth Minister for Health asking if there is such an email address, as we have done, 12 days later, all you’ve got is an automated response, which seems to be a Malcolm Turnbull government specialty, (and the Mike Baird government is just as bad, if not worse,) saying, “Oh dear! We’re getting so many emails, don’t expect a reply any time soon.” Hello! If you are getting lots of emails, perhaps there’s a need there that needs to be better resourced.

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