Help for those having problems with crystal meth (ice.) 4

To us, two things that governments should be doing, or someone should be doing, (the absolute minimum things,) to help those having problems with crystal meth are:-

(1) Setting up an email address to whom such people could address questions and get the very best answers available in the whole wide world that might be helpful to such people.

(Perhaps someone in the US or the UK or elsewhere has already done this, to whom such people could be directed – with modern technology, when it comes to only providing information, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.)

(2) Putting together a list of those people and organisations who specialise in helping such people.

The Turnbull/Abbott government has a horrible record on this sort of thing – and Tony Abbott was the Commonwealth Minister for Health for more than 4 years!

We wrote to Sussan Ley, the Commonwealth Minister for Health, on 2 Apr 2016 asking, “Is there a website that those experiencing problems with the drug ice can turn to for possible help?” – no answer yet, more than 4 weeks later!!!

And have you tried writing to Ken Wyatt, the Assistant Commonwealth Minister for Health? He’s indescribably hopeless!!! As usual we would be more than happy to put up anything from him that might indicate that this description isn’t fair – but he wouldn’t care!

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