Holdsworth House

Holdsworth House claims to be “a practice that is home to caring and dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields.”

However, we recently had this experience with them.

We wanted to find out whether their dermatologist Dr John Sullivan had expertise in “skin discoloration” but when we went to their website the only ordinary email address we could find then was for their CEO, whoever he or she might be – there was no “Contact” button immediately available when you went to their website as is the case with more reputable organisations .

So we emailed our letter to him/her. It only required a single word response – “Yes” or “No.”  But a week later we’d heard nothing. So we emailed the CEO another letter this morning asking, “I’m wondering if you were able to pass this email on to Dr Sullivan?”

We suspect that both of our letters went straight into the rubbish bin – but we’ll see.

To us there’s no doubt that lots of doctors see themselves as getting more consultation fees if prospective patients are left stumbling around not really being provided with information as to who’s good at what, and it seems that the so called “caring and dedicated” doctors at Holdsworth House are amongst them.

It’s something that’s making us more and more angry as we seek to help prospective patients locate the very best experts to help them.

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