INFORMATION ARTICLES: Allergies: A new guide for parents

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We have long been fascinated by the invention of printing – printing presses instead of monks in monasteries copying information with “pens” made of feathers on to animal skins because┬áthere was no paper. The way in which it enabled information and knowledge to be better distributed played a large part in bringing about the Renaissance and the Reformation.

But we have no doubt that history will judge the inventions in technology in the last 25 years as bigger than the invention of printing and that they will bring more change to the change the world than the Renaissance and the Reformation.

We are particularly interested in how they will enable the very best information and knowledge on managing our health and well being to be distributed through the whole world and to be accessible to everyone in the whole world.

We intend to encourage the finding of the very best articles on managing our health and well being by ourselves and our readers and to add links to them on this blog as they are found.

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