Mike Baird – correspondence with 2

We are getting more and more mystified about this?

You would think that it would be madness for Mike Baird to have a situation where, if the people wish to ask him questions or raise issues with him they have to negotiate an email form which is quite difficult and unsatisfactory to use, (we’re beginning to think that it may be better to send “snail mail” to his ¬†GPO box,) which results in them getting an automated response advising, “Don’t expect to get a response for at least a month.” And that’s before we know if he’s EVER going to respond, and if he does, how good the response will be.

You’d think that it would be so obvious that all this would make hundreds and hundreds of people think – “I wish we had another Premier!”

So why is it like this?

You would think that if he had good news to tell, he’d welcome the opportunity to tell it. Perhaps he hasn’t got any good news to tell!

Perhaps he thinks we’re still back in the 1990s when all the developments in communication technology that have happened since then hadn’t happened.

Perhaps he thinks it’s not going to make any difference to how people think of him, to his prospects in the next election? If so, how could he be so dumb?

Perhaps he thinks there isn’t the money available to have more people responding to peoples questions and the issues people want to raise?

Perhaps he thinks he wouldn’t be able to find enough people who would be good at answering emails or would be interested in doing it?

We’re find it harder and harder to understand.

One thing that would seem to be completely obvious and that is that if there’s ever going to be any improvement in all this, it’s not going to come from Mike Baird.


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