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There’s an article in today’s Daily Telegraph, (although it appears to be just the reproduction of an article which appears in Body & Soul,) which appears to us to be brilliant, so important to anyone to anyone to whom it may apply, and which, to us, raises so many issues we don’t know where to start!

One of these issues is raised in these paragraphs:-

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Come on!!! 20% of women who have ovarian cancer, when time is of the essence, have to seen a GP or GPs 3 times before they are referred to a specialist – not that we’re saying the GP have “done a bad job.”

So the third GP they’ve seen says, “Oh! Um! Um! You may have ovarian cancer!” when they’ve had it all the time. Of course, they’ve done a bad job! They’ve done a job which stinks!

See this paragraph!!!

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After 6 to 12 months of testing they suggest she may be imagining things, when she’s got “two whopping huge tumours!!!!”

It’s like something out of a Benny Hill show!

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