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If ever a doctor may have committed the unforgivable sin it might have been Dr Michael Petr, Anaesthetist – he was “on the job” anaesthetising a patient while hopelessly drunk, part of the way through the operation he just walked off, AND, by far worst of all, he didn’t make arrangements with anyone else to take over.

If you go to this post you will be provided with a link to a full article on this story and you will notice that it finishes with this paragraph.

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Obviously, the spokesman for the Wollongong Private Hospital, a Ramsay Health Care hospital, was asked whether Dr Petr would ever be allowed to work in their hospital again, and the spokesman evaded the question – was tricky and devious as Ramsay Health Care people always seem to be.

So, if ever you have an operation in a Ramsay Health Care hospital, is there any guarantee that a Michael Petr won’t be your anaesthetist? Of course not! It would be interesting to know whether you are able to get information in advance as to whom your anaesthetist is going to be when you’re having an operation in a Ramsay Health Care hospital. Our guess would be that you could ask them this in a letter and your letter wouldn’t even be acknowledged, let alone replied to.

Perhaps one of our readers would like to do this and let us know how they got on.

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