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We don’t think we’ve ever come across a worse website that this Dermatology practice’s website. We could just about write a book about all that’s wrong with it.

And it hasn’t even got a fax number, let alone an email form or an ordinary email address, to contact anyone about any of it’s problems! Come on guys, we’re in the 21st Century?

We’ve certainly given up any thoughts of trying to help ourselves, or anyone, deal with any of the ten practitioners they list.

(When you Google the name of one of them, Dr Geoff Wilksek, the results indicate that he’s an Ophthalmologist, not a Dermatologist at all!!! But we can’t find an entry for himĀ on the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency’s website, which might resolve the matter one way or the other??? Perhaps he’s not registered to practice medicine at all??? Perhaps there’s no such person???)

In the words of Donald Duck, “Such dumbness might be catching.”


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