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We are always saying that to be successful in our personal and work lives we have to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts, and that what this blog is mainly about is helping our readers, our children and ourselves to do this.

And we’re also always talking about how good modern communication technology is in helpingĀ this to happen, in the way it enables there to be:-

  1. Experts on anything anywhere in the word whose expertise can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  2. People who are engaged in locating and evaluating experts who can be emailed for their advice on who are the best experts e.g. you can email them with, “I have this problem – can you suggest who might be best to help me with it?” and you get back replies along the lines of, “To us, these are the five people who are most likely to be able to help you.”
  3. Superb information articles on every subject because there are people engaged in producing them.
  4. Experts who can be emailed for advice as to which they think are the best information articles e.g. you can email them with, “Can you suggest which information articles you think are the best on such and such a subject?” and you get back a reply along the lines of, “We think there are three you could consider, but we think this one is the best.”

In a sense, of course, we’re a bit of the way there, but only a bit.

Whenever we want to know something about something, we do a Google search on “Subject Wiki” and in no time we are able to read a Wikipedia article on the subject, if there is one, which there mostly is, but in any case, lots of articles come up on the subject anyway.

(It’s incredible to think that Google only came into existence on 4 Sep 1998 and Wikipedia on 15 Jan 2001. How did we manage before then?)

We’ve just done this with “high pulse rates wiki” and Google located 2,380,000 results, and when we did it with “high pulse rates” Google located 2,510,000 results!

We’re thinking of something better than this. When this sort of thing happens, it still takes quite a lot of expertise to find what you want.

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