Sydney Dermatologists whose areas of specialisation include helping those with Skin Discolouration – a list 4

We’ve come to realise that perhaps our previous approaches to this subject may have been too superficial, which may largely explain why the responses to our emails have been so poor – not nearly as good as the responses we’ve received in the past as we’ve tried to put together other lists.

We’ve largely become aware of this as we’ve looked at the A to Z of Skin – which appears on the website of the the Australasian College of Dermatologists, and which claims to have “been developed to help you understand more about common skin conditions and problems, and how they may be treated.” We haven’t counted, but the A to Z of Skin, (which seems to us as though it could be excellent,) may list more than 300 “common skin conditions and problems!!”

Also, as we’ve looked at this article – “38 causes of discoloured skin patches.”

It reminds us of what a GP we know once said, and that was that skin problems were, for him, the most difficult part of medicine.

Of course, there are always two parts/stages to dealing with health and well-being problems – firstly correctly diagnosing or establishing the nature of the problems, and secondly, applying the best treatments to those problems.

So how does all this apply to what we’re about? – trying to assist those with skin discolouration to get the very best information and to get to see the very best experts as quickly as possible and to avoid being provided with information that is just rubbish and to avoid seeing those who are waste of time, waste of money “experts.”

We’re working on it!

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