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As medical knowledge increases it would seem obvious that more and more tests will be developed that are useful, perhaps vital, to have, and which will cost less and less.

A perfect example of what we’re talking about would seem to be described in this Australian article –  a test available from Color Genomics to indicate the likelihood or otherwise of one getting cancer. See this paragraph:-

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To us, the main use of this test is to provide some protection against despicable idiot doctors – and while there are lots of great doctors around there are lots of these around too.

In this previous post, we referred to an article which related unbelievable stories of despicable idiot doctors dealing badly with women who already HAD ovarian cancer – one of whom said that, when she had “two whopping huge tumours,” she was being told she was imagining things and needed to see a psychiatrist.

And in this article, a heart wrenching story is told of a women who relied on the advice of a GP over a period of 3 months, during all of which time she had cancer, which was developing, and from which, as a 32 year old, she will be lucky to survive 2 years but he told her otherwise. It’s hard to believe that this story wouldn’t have been very different if she’d had one of these tests done before she even saw the GP the first time, or even earlier.

Having said this, our knowledge of this test is quite limited. We’d love to be able to refer our readers to great information articles that let people know all there is to know about this test. Perhaps we have readers who can share with us all, all that we’d want to know.

For instance, is this the same test that indicated to Angelina Jolie that she was so likely to get breast cancer that she had here breasts removed? We’d love to know.

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