The Dr Oliver James Brown story 2

When a doctor has been guilty of a hideous degree of negligence, what penalties if any should be imposed?

We strongly believe that this is not nearly as important as that prospective patients should have access to the fullest possible information on any problems in a doctor’s track record as soon as possible to assist them in making the best possible decisions as to whether to consult and/or use that doctor, irrespective of the effects making this information available might have on the doctors practice. In other words, prospective patients should be the ones who decide how many patients he or she will get in the future, with getting no more patients or far less patients in the future being the ultimate punishment.

In terms of this, the Dr Oliver James Brown story is the ultimate scandal. He is guilty of a hideous degree of negligence, details of which are provided in this post, and on the face of it, information on this has not been available to prospective patients for seven and a half years Рfrom December 2008 until June 2016.

To be fair, we are open to evidence that it has been available before June, 2016 – that’s what we’re trying to find out.

We sent a letter to Dr Brown today, asking:-

COPY15Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.56.13 pm copy

(Because the above is a copy, the link in it doesn’t work – but this one does.)

Perhaps Dr Brown himself will provide us with information, although in our experience the Oliver James Browns of this world are not honest and upfront about matters like this.

We’ll let you know if we hear from him. It is very much one of our policies that everyone should be able to tell their sides of stories.

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