The Dr Oliver James Brown story 4

Dr Brown has a website but no ordinary email address – just an email form. And if you use this form to send him a letter, he doesn’t even acknowledge it. HE JUST DOESN’T CARE!

(If we ever come across any indication that he does care, we’ll let you know.)

To us, you are stark raving mad if you consult and/or use doctors like this. They’re just not accountable – anything could happen to you with them.

This in the context of the fact that if you think that organisations like the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, (AHPRA,) or the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, (HCCC,) really make doctors accountable you’re dreaming!

Terrible things can happen to you if you use doctors like this, as happened with one poor unfortunate lady back in December, 2008 – Dr Brown was guilty of being horrendously negligent in performing an operation on her andĀ of being horrendously negligent in his follow up, to the extent that she died an agonising death in just a few days.

And more than seven and a half years later there’s nothing about this on Dr Brown’s AHPRA entry and nothing about it on the HCCC website to warn any one. That’s how it works in NSW/Australia, readers.

It gives us no pleasure to point out AGAIN that the mistake was to use Dr Brown in the first place, or any doctors like him – yet, presumably, people are still doing it.

To us, modern technology provides us with incredible scope to separate “the sheep from the goats” and we’re notĀ taking advantage of it.

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