The Dr Oliver James Brown story 6

There are probably up to 10 people and organisations we/you could write to about various aspects of this story, and our guess is that NOT ONE OF THEM would respond in an honest and upfront way – least of all Dr Brown himself.

For instance, we could write to Healthscope Hospitals asking them why they had, for so long, completely ignored a subpoena, (an official request from the Court,) to produce a document which the Court thought might help it get to the truth – the Judge said that in her 20 years as a Judge she’d never seen anything like it!!! That’s, of course, if we had time to spend on “wild goose chases” – which we don’t.

If they ignored a request for something that might contribute to the truth coming out, with the Supreme Court “breathing down their necks” threatening contempt of court proceedings, they’d hardly be likely to be upfront and honest in response to anything you and I might send them!!!

That how it is NSW/Australia readers.

Aspects of this that fascinate us, as we’re always saying, is that it’s so easy these days to learn which people and organisations are likely to be upfront and honest, and that people who decide to go to a Healthscope hospital are continuing to put themselves into the hands of an organisations like Healthscope Hospitals. To us it’s utter madness!

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