The Medical Profession in NSW/Aus – dealing with 12

When a patient consults a cardiologist, Cardiologist 5, a highly credential Professor, because he’s still concerned about symptoms with his heart which he’s basically had for more than 7 months, and he’s told that there’s a relatively minor procedure he could undergo that could perhaps completely cure him of these symptoms – it doesn’t always work, but it’s well worth trying – a procedure in which time is of the essence, the sooner it’s undergone the more likely it is to succeed, a procedure Cardiologist 1, Cardiologist 2 and Cardiologist 3, whom the patient had consulted more than 6 months before hadn’t even mentioned, neither had Cardiologist 4 whom the patient had consulted more than 1 month before – what are we to think?

And when the patient emails letters to Cardiologist 1, Cardiologist 2 and Cardiologist 3 asking them to comment on these FACTS, they don’t even acknowledge his emails, (see this previous post for more details on this,) – what are we to think?

We probably can’t say what WE really think – we’d probably get sued by one or more of the cardiologists concerned, and/or their legal advisors. Our readers just have to work things out for themselves.

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