The Medical Profession in NSW/Aus – dealing with 13

A Kate Aubusson article appears in today’s Sydney Morning Herald with this heading:-

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Use this link to view it in full.

In every medical situation there’s two things that can be very different – what’s good for the patient and what’s good for the doctor, and it’s not often that they’re the same. Of course the medical profession claims that doctors ALWAYS do what’s good for the patient, but this article argues that this isn’t necessarily so – especially in cases involving prostate cancer. See these paragraphs:-

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Of course, if you believe you have prostate cancer, and you believe the doctor you’re dealing with can cure you, the last thing you want to be doing is haggling over costs – but this article claims that people in these circumstances are amongst those most likely to be  “gouged for tens of thousands of dollars in additional medical costs.”

What is to be done about this?

More later.

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