The Medical Profession in NSW/Aus – dealing with 14

When we have a health or wellbeing problem, how do we find the best health care organisations, and how do we find the very best one or two health practitioners able to help us, when at least 50% of those who claim to be able to help us are what we call “waste of time, waste of money” people?

We have been working on this problem for more than 8 years and have come to this conclusion – that those who are most likely to NOT be “waste of time, waste of money” people are those who have details of their areas of expertise readily available somewhere on the world wide web, and more importantly, have an ordinary email address readily available, and when you use this address to send them reasonable emails send you reasonable emails in reply.

To us such people are the most likely to be upfront and honest, to be into communication, (some health practionals are not into communication when you’re sitting right in front of them,) and to stand by what they do and say.

With this in mind we’re putting together lists of doctors claiming expertise in various areas who have ordinary email addresses, and how we’ve got on when we’ve emailed them.

What we’re suggesting is that the next time you need a doctor with expertise in a particular area, that you use one our lists, (if we’ve made one for the area that interests you yet,) to send them an email, (once you’ve drafted your email we find that you can send off an email every 2 or 3 minutes, if you’ve got the email addresses,) and if you do this we’ll be surprised if it doesn’t soon become pretty clear who might be the first best, the second best and so on to at least have an initial consultation with.

Such a list is this one – Sydney Urologists specialising in helping with prostate cancer

If any of our readers are aware of doctors who they think should be on any of our lists but aren’t, we would be most grateful if they could let us have their details.

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