The Medical Profession in NSW/Aus – dealing with 15

To us, if you send a letter to a doctor using their ordinary email address asking this incredibly simple question – “If I was to become one of your patients, how would I get copies of the health records and information to which I am entitled by law? – and they don’t answer, you’re stark raving mad to use them!!!

To us a perfectly adequate answer to this question is just two words – “Just ask.” And if they don’t take the few seconds it would take for them to provide an answer, it indicates two things – firstly, that they would be incredibly unlikely to answer any other questions you might send them, and secondly, that they would also be incredibly unlikely to provide you with copies of the health records and information to which you were entitled, especially anything that might incriminate them, even if they were breaking the law in not providing them – something they know they can get away with, at least in New South Wales, because Dr Elizabeth Coombs, the NSW Privacy Commissioner, charged with policing the NSW Health Records & Information Act, 2002, (and no doubt being paid a fortune to do it,) is indescribably useless.

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