The Medical Profession in NSW/Australia – dealing with 26

This is a link to an article with this heading:-

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and there are lots of similar articles around. One of them claims the epidemic has already resulted in 45 deaths in NSW.

We have long believed that, when something like this occurs, the governments, the medical profession or someone should, as soon as possible, have put up on the internet:-

  • a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to, in this case, the flu.
  • a list of the very best medical people to go and see about it.
  • an ordinary email address providing access to an expert or experts who could provide answers to questions not covered by the FAQs or for those who just didn’t have the time to go through all the FAQs to provide an answer to one of their questions or would prefer to get an answer from an expert tailored to the exact needs.

And one of the things that has long fascinated us – what if providing these things could be turned into a viable business? What if people would pay, say, $12, or whatever, for an answer tailored exactly to one of their questions, and whatever it was, was enough for people to find it worthwhile doing it. Of course if ever it got to this point the world would suddenly be a very different place.

Unlikely as this may seem, it would seem more likely than that governments or the medical profession would do it.

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